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A Novel

“A riveting blend of horror and suspense anchors Bird’s mind-bending novel…a smart, discomfiting, ultimately satisfying horror tale.”
—Kirkus Reviews

When Travis Barnes returns home following the unexpected death of his mother, leaving his career with the Seventh Naval Fleet, he hopes to begin a new chapter in life. Unbeknownst to him, a series of impossible coincidences soon draws the attention of the Bureau, a fringe government agency formed from the rubble of Projects Monarch and Stargate.


But when Lola Agnew, the Bureau’s genetically-altered ringleader—along with her erudite headhunter, Drexl Samson—confront him with a clandestine force with powers beyond this world, Travis must face a forgotten secret from his past. His partner Tara Fitzgerald, meanwhile, has secrets of her own, and when the couple are pushed to their limits, they must join together to overcome the darkness...


In the tradition of the classic speculative fiction of Richard Matheson, Ira Levin, and Ray Bradbury, Hamelin Bird’s AMBROSIA is a genre-defying deep dive into the mysterious and uncanny.



A Novella


"DRENCROM is a tightly written thrill ride that hits the gas on page one and never once lets up. Highly entertaining, with visuals that run the gamut of gruesome, psychedelic, and achingly human.

Hamelin Bird is a helluva wordsmith."

—Laurel Hightower, author of CROSSROADS and BELOW


Driven from home at eighteen, Coda has indulged a rambling, hippie-soul existence.

Now in sunny California, those freewheeling days are long since behind her, with no promises of a better life ahead. But her fortunes begin to change when she drops a new kind of drug bought off the dark web, her consciousness shattered as something sinister takes root from within, threatening to claw into our world.

Entangled in the lives of her neighboring tenants, Coda struggles to maintain her sanity while her mind expands into the greater beyond, thrust into a dread-spiral of madness as she plunges into the insatiable grip of DRENCRoM.

Drencrom book cover

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Wayward Suns

A Novel 

“A gorgeously-written, gritty, sweaty, southern rock ’n roll nightmare.”

—Brian Asman, author of MAN, FUCK THIS HOUSE


In this speculative coming-of-age tale, Holden Caulfield gets a makeover and settles down in the Eighties. He doesn't know it yet, but he has a date with the dark side...

The year is 1987. Before the end of the Cold War, before O.J. and the L.A. riots and the World Wide Web. Hair is big, excess is in, and Weston Mercer is slowly losing his mind.

First, it's all so familiar. Evenings spent at the local oyster bar, followed by late nights in the pines, watching his cousin jam with his infamous band, Olympus. Days spent in a haze of drugs and classic TV and miso soup. And something else--a miserable sort of existence shrouded from purpose beyond the implacable pall of depression.

Then he meets a stranger who reveals things, dark things. Things Wes wishes he never would have heard. In the shadow of these darker truths, nothing can ever be the same...

Wayward Sun book cover

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Double Vision 

A Novel 

"A creepy, nightmarish debut...Fans of thrillers with a supernatural tinge will be pleased."
―Publishers Weekly

For fans of Stephen King, Ronald Malfi, and Lawrence Block, Hamelin Bird delivers a compelling meditation on addiction and fatherhood.

Former detective Michael Lunsmann is about to lose everything. Still in love with his ex-wife, estranged from his teenage son, and now fresh off the wagon once again, rock bottom has never felt closer. But things are about to get worse. Following another Father's Day disaster with his son, Lunsmann wakes from a drinking binge with a bullet in his arm and no earthly idea how it got there. That same night, four teens go missing at the hands of an elusive madman.

Drawn into the investigation, Lunsmann launches an effort to catch the killer. But to repair the damage to his family, he'll have to confront his own demons. When the most unlikely detective becomes the only man to crack the case, dark and sinister forces will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from surfacing.

Double Vision book cover

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Short Story

Meet John Eberhart, age twenty-nine.

Occupation: assistant to the vice-president, ad agency, Mirocaw County, Missouri.

His morning starts like any other—a splash of coffee, followed by gridlock and smog and honking horns. But this morning, John Eberhart has taken an unexpected detour. When he spots the Hideaway Motel at the side of the road, he stops for the night.

But the Hideaway is a lot older than he could ever know, and the town in which it exists is not printed on any maps…

In the tradition of The Twilight Zone and Thomas Ligotti, Hamelin Bird delivers a surreal tale of one man’s perilous descent into madness—and, just maybe, his own place in a fractured world.

Hideaway short story book cover

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Short Story


A starry night glistening across the water. A weekend opening in a spread of angel’s wings, calling the feral hearts to dance. The cold touch of beer brings the night alive, and everything goes black.

Follow our humble narrator on a reckless journey of teenage bacchanalia, decadence, and dope, from the banks of the bluffs to the place where blood is spilled, where the nights turn homeward to madness and death is always near. In the end, it’s just another weekend on the edge.

Life in the fast lane. Dance on fire. Don’t lose your head.

“A few weeks earlier we’d drank too much Crown and sat up all night with a couple friends, talking about all the plans we’d made in the past three months to kill ourselves. She’d planned on doing it with a pair of lethal T-cuts to her wrists, while I’d planned on driving down to the bluffs and blowing my head in with a shotty filched from my girlfriend’s dad. Only then on the Big Day I’d heard “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins on the radio and got so excited about doing myself in that I got happy and backed out. So had Crystal, but I think her decision had something to do with getting her period.”

Woolie short story book cover

Also available on Kindle Unlimited

Wayard Suns
Double Vision
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