Hamelin Bird

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"Bird's creepy, nightmarish debut...keeps readers off-balance as he builds toward a satisfying conclusion.
Fans of thrillers with a supernatural tinge will be pleased."
―Publishers Weekly

Double Vision

Former detective Michael Lunsmann is about to lose everything. Still in love with his ex-wife, estranged from his teenage son, and now fresh off the wagon once again, rock bottom has never felt closer. But things are about to get worse. Following another Father’s Day disaster with his son, Lunsmann wakes from a drinking binge with a bullet in his arm and no earthly idea how it got there. That same night, four teens go missing and are later found dead, brutally murdered by a madman.

Drawn into the investigation, Lunsmann launches an effort to catch the killer. But to repair the damage to his family, he’ll have to confront his own demons. When the most unlikely detective becomes the only man to crack the case, dark and sinister forces will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from surfacing.

A supernatural thriller and compelling meditation on addiction and fatherhood, Double Vision is a gripping story that will keep readers turning pages late into the night.


"Bird’s debut novel packs a dark punch and may be
the perfect next read for horror-thriller junkies...
get ready for one foggy, emotional, adrenaline-pumping journey."

"An evocative writer, Bird's descriptive ability is jarringly effective...
a well-wrought novel that fans of both hard-boiled and
speculative fiction genres will enjoy."
―BlueInk Review

"Bird's prose is clever, well-written, and elegiac...
Double Vision features an engaging plot that touches on
the supernatural, the nature of evil, and the often tenuous relationships of fathers and sons."
―The BookLife Prize